Pharmacy Clinic

Our pharmacy has two private consulting rooms staffed by at least two pharmacists so that we can serve you better.

Medical certificates

Workplace compliance

Our pharmacists can provide sick notes for minor ailments for durations of up to two days. If you need a medical certificate outside of Clinic hours please call and speak to one of our pharmacists.

Vaccination services

Available 8am to 11pm

Our team of pharmacists have completed an accredited training course and are qualified vaccinators. We administer the COVID-19, influenza, whooping cough, MMR and meningococcal vaccines from our private consultation rooms.

COVID-19 vaccination – Book appointment

Flu vaccination – Book appointment

Sleep apnoea

Do you snore? Are you always tired?

As agents for Sleep Therapy WA we can help find out if poor sleep is adversely affecting your health by arranging for an in home sleep test. We have pharmacists experienced in sleep apnoea treatment and supply a range of CPAP machines, masks and parts.

Medication consults

Make the most of your medicines

Do your medicines need a checkup? Every year, up to 210,000 Australians are admitted to hospital due to medication problems. Our pharmacists can help you to be better at understanding your medicines and stay out of hospital. Ask us if you qualify for a free MedsCheck or Diabetes MedsCheck.

Health monitoring

Diabetes, blood pressure

We can measure and keep an ongoing record of your blood pressure as well as blood sugar readings so you can better manage your health.

Health checks

Good health starts with you

Choose prevention over cure by making an appointment with one of our pharmacists for a 20 minute health check up. We will measure your blood pressure, blood glucose, body mass index and perform a risk assessment for diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Other services

We're here to help

Our Pharmacy Clinic offers other services including wound dressing.